Ampleforth Publishes Updated White Paper for Non-Correlated, Price-Stable Digital Asset

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Ampleforth — the developer of a new synthetic commodity designed to diversify risk — has released an updated white paper for its digital asset protocol. The paper was shared with Cointelegraph in an email on May 13.Citing prior researchers, the white paper’s co-authors define a synthetic commodity as “money that has absolute scarcity but lacks non-monetary use value" — whose possibility was heralded by the innovation of blockchain technology back in 2008.According to the press release, the design for the Ample token — expected to be traded under the ticker symbol AMPL — is intended to resist price correlation with both traditional assets and large market-cap cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC).As Ampleforth notes, while cryptocurrencies as a sector have thus far broadly shown non-correlation with traditional asset groups and macroeconomic factors, within the crypto market itself, many large-cap coins have ostensibly shown strong correlation with one another.This strong intra-crypto market…

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