You Can Now Buy Lightning-Powered Bitcoin With a Credit Card

Lightning 860x430

Payments startup Breez has unveiled a new feature allowing lightning-based bitcoin purchases directly from its mobile app.The feature, made possible thanks to a partnership with fiat-to-crypto broker MoonPay, is available to users in 35 countries. According to the company, it simplifies the currently long-winded procedure for lightning payments.A “Layer 2” payment protocol that operates on top of a blockchain, lightning is seen by many in the blockchain industry as solving bitcoin’s scalability issues. But it remains experimental technology and users can potentially lose money during transactions due to undiscovered bugs, say security experts.While buying lightning directly with a credit card sounds like a simple feature, Breez claims this functionality hasn’t been possible before now.Breez CEO and co-founder Roy Sheinfeld told CoinDesk:Previously, if users wanted to buy lightning, they would need to buy bitcoin, move that bitcoin to a wallet that supports lightning, then wait for that transaction to go through…

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