TokenSoft Launches Transfer Agent Support Tool for Crypto Securities

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TokenSoft is rolling out a new tool to help token issuers comply with securities requirements.The security token facilitator announced Tuesday that it had developed an administrative panel for transfer agents, essentially building a software tool to aid banks, trust companies and other third parties to more easily manage security token offerings on behalf of their issuers.Mason Borda, CEO of TokenSoft, told CoinDesk that the company began working with transfer agents in 2018, finding that they had specific needs when it came to security token issuances due to regulatory requirements.“Any SEC-registered offering requires a transfer agent much like every security that’s trading publicly today has a transfer agent in the back,” he said. “So for registered offerings, we’re expecting the need for transfer agents to increase over time.”Borda went on to explain:TokenSoft is specifically offering its clients access to software tools that any transfer agent can use to manage securities issuances.As…

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