Sexual Misconduct Allegations Emerge Against Bitcoin Coder Peter Todd

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The Takeaway:Publicly filed court documents have now revealed specific allegations of sexual misconduct involving former Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd.Todd sued transgender cryptographer Isis Agora Lovecruft for defamation in a California court in April, demanding they delete a tweet calling Todd a “rapist.” This week, Lovecruft moved to dismiss the complaint, and both Lovecruft and zcash co-founder Zooko Wilcox filed declarations in court describing Todd’s alleged behavior.In their declaration, Lovecruft accused Todd of sexual harassment, including unwelcome and violent sexual statements during consulting work on a bitcoin project. According to Lovecruft’s filed declaration, Todd told Lovecruft in a San Francisco cafe, “I’m going to shove my cock in you so hard and beat you until you beg for more.”Lovecruft also stated in their court filing that Todd grabbed their arm when his advances were rejected. Lovecruft’s declaration also included private Twitter messages with a third party describing Todd’s unwanted sexual…

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