Ripple CEO Intends to ‘Press Advantage’ With New Investments

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Blockchain payments startup Ripple is looking to make new investments and acquisitions, with a few deals reportedly underway, according to the company CEO.This announcement comes in light of Ripple’s Q2 report, which detailed the company’s total sales of its native token XRP increasing by nearly 48 percent to $251 million. This growth was driven primarily by a strong uptick in institutional sales.In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple CEO, said: “We’re in a very strong position, our business is growing strongly, we have a strong balance sheet, and I intend to press our advantage.”Additionally, Ripple’s 10 percent equity stake in MoneyGram appears to have paid off. Last week the remittance company announced it began using Ripple’s xRapid transaction product to maintain liquidity when making international transfers.According to Garlinghouse, MoneyGram integrated Ripple’s tech with its US dollar to Mexican peso and US dollar to Philippine peso pairings, and will…

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