Messages Proving Wright Created Bitcoin Likely ‘Faked,’ Developer Testifies

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Jonathan Warren, the developer of Bitmessage, testified in a pre-trial examination as part of the continuing Kleiman v. Wright lawsuit.During his appearance in the Southern District of Florida court on July 24, Warren testified to his role in developing Bitmessage and opined on the possibility that the self-alleged creator of bitcoin, Craig Wright, and his business partner, David Kleiman, had access to the messaging software prior to its release.This testimony, as part of a document surfaced August 13, speaks to one of the central claims of the prosecution: that Wright forged a series of contracts, emails, and BitMessages that purported to place Kleiman’s assets under Wright’s control.At stake is a 1.1 million cache of bitcoin, collectively acquired by Wright and Kleiman and kept in the encrypted Tulip Trust. Ira Kleiman, Dave’s brother, is suing Australian-born Wright for allegedly defrauding the Kleiman estate out of some $5 billion worth of bitcoin.According…

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