Meet the ICO Pumper Who Makes His Living Manipulating Crypto Markets

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How do you get into the business of market manipulation? It’s easy if you try.Alexey Andryunin, a 20-year old college student from Moscow, became a sensation after he quite openly told CoinDesk how his company was helping little-known token projects get traction via inflated trading volumes.He spoke with CoinDesk about the business of market manipulation and explained why he believes the current market rules make manipulation inevitable.“I’m 20. I got into the crypto business when I was 18. I was studying at the university, there were some problems in my family, let’s put it this way, and I needed money. I got an entry-level job at a crypto startup. The main part of my salary was in tokens, I trusted that startup, I knew absolutely nothing about the crypto industry,” he said.At that startup, Andryunin was in charge of listing tokens on exchanges and on CoinMarketCap. He soon realized he…

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