Meet FumbleChain, the Deliberately Flawed Blockchain

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FumbleChain makes breaking blockchains a sport.Demonstrated for the first time last Thursday at the Black Hat infosec event, the deliberately flawed technology is meant to act as an educational tool for crypto developers.“Basically, this what people call CTF, or ‘capture the flag,’” explained Nils Amiet, a senior security engineer at Kudelski and one of the developers behind the project. “Whenever you solve a challenge, that is when you get the flag. … The challenges are pretty technical.”Through these curated and gamified challenges, the aim is to teach users about the complexities of blockchain technology.According to Dan Guido, co-founder and CEO of cybersecurity firm Trail of Bits, which has audited over 20 different cryptocurrency projects, FumbleChain is similar to the wargames used in traditional software development.“Competitions and training exercises are used throughout the security industry, sometimes in live competitions of 30,000 or more players at one time, to help educate and…

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