Man Takes Bitcoin Miner Seller to Tribunal Over Electricity Bill and Wins

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A Malta-based bitcoin miner has taken action after getting a shock when he received his electricity bill.As reported by Malta Today, the unnamed man had bought a bitcoin miner from local IT firm 3 Group, but found that the power costs were greater than the value of the bitcoin earned by mining with the device.He therefore took his complaint to Malta’s Consumer Claims Tribunal, saying the unspecified €2,600 ($2,900) miner was noisy and did not make profit.Dario Azzopardi, CEO of 3 Group, did not contest the complaint and the tribunal decided that the customer should be refunded €2,000 ($2,240).However, since the decision, the Consumer Claims Tribunal has issued a warning against Dario Azzopardi of 3 Group, saying he has “not honoured the decision delivered by the Consumer Claims Tribunal.”The tribunal said in the statement on Tuesday:The balance between running (mostly power) costs, crypto market prices and the amount of cryptocurrency…

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