Former Polychain Partner Ryan Zurrer Is Leaving Web3 to Start a DAO

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Nothing has ever excited former Polychain partner and Web3 Foundation executive Ryan Zurrer like The DAO – the 2016 project whose eventual loss of millions of dollars in ETH caused a fork of the ethereum blockchain.In fact, Zurrer believes in the concept so much, he’s leaving the Web3 Foundation in order to take another shot at creating a big, for profit, decentralized company that (at least for now) will also be called The DAO.“With the success of the DOTs sale, the success of the Web3 Summit and the Web3 Foundation in a strong position organizationally, I will gradually step away at the end of this year and go back to what my primary passion is – deploying capital and helping early-stage teams build new concepts in the space,” Zurrer told CoinDesk in a statement.The Web3 Foundation confirmed his departure to CoinDesk, telling CoinDesk that it is not involved with the…

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