Former Credit Agency Staffers Form Korean Blockchain Rating Firm

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Korea Blockchain Evaluation, a company that issues ratings on blockchain projects, began operations on Sept. 25, according to a report from the Cheongnyeon Ilbo and other local media.The company believes that investors are harmed by the lack of information on blockchain projects and weak regulations. It added that professional, arms-length analysis using objective criteria are needed to correct the asymmetry that exists in the market.According to the press reports, Korea Blockchain Valuation executives previously worked at Nice Credit Information Service, a Korean rating agency tracing its origins back to 1986. The company also has an advisory committee with security and blockchain experts.Ratings from the new firm are multi-tiered. A technology rating is issued, ranging from T1 to T10, with the lower number being better. A business rating is also published, ranging from B1 to B10. From those, a final rating is arrived at, ranging from AAA to D. Ratings are…

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