Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Is Back – And It’s Got a Roadmap to Prove It

Since its formation nearly a year and a half ago, it's safe to say that the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) has been quiet. Apart from a steady stream of new members, there has been a lull of live projects, one that has led some to theorize the consortium might not deliver on standards for enterprise use of the world's second-largest blockchain. In a Medium post last month, for instance, the CTO of competing DLT consortium, R3, even went so far as to stake such a claim, contending that the lack of progress proves ethereum is unsuitable for enterprise. But if competitors were eager to send the EEA to an early grave, Wednesday might mark the consortium's rise from the dead, as the company has revealed the release of a new guide outlining its open standards work. While this is just the first step in making public work that could make…

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