Crypto Startup Alum Katherine Wu Joins VC Firm Notation Capital

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Katherine Wu was up until 3 a.m. Wednesday annotating Kik’s response to its complaint from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).In 130 pages, Kik went point- by-point through the SEC’s case, and Wu went through page-by-page and indicated which ones readers of her blog should take in, skim or just skip.“That’s what I do for fun,” she told CoinDesk later that morning.And now Wu is once again employed to dig deep, into startups.Revealed exclusively to CoinDesk, Wu has been named a principal at Notation Capital, a venture capital firm that invests across the technology sector, including parts of the crypto industry.Founded by Nicholas Chirls and Alex Lines, Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Notation invests based on its teams’ areas of interest, which has included several blockchain-related investments, such as Filecoin, Livepeer and Bison Trails, to name a few. Notation is also known for investing in the very early stages of a company…

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