Crypto Gamers Are Showing Little Interest in the Decentralized Nature of NFTs

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A new report on the nascent ecosystem of blockchain-based games indicates that one of the model’s most-trumpeted characteristics — the ability to mix and swap data between games – isn’t panning out.The idea of cross-overs between games isn’t exactly new. Series like Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers perhaps best exemplify this approach, with familiar characters coming together in one game. But those characters are all under Nintendo’s control — and it’s this area that blockchain games promise a new paradigm, in which a player’s hard-earned progress could be utilized in one game and, as they choose, moved to another.Indeed, Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures wrote late last month about how anchoring intellectual property in games to a blockchain allows for “extensibility” in a recent post about Dapper Labs, the company behind CryptoKitties and Cheese Wizards, the company’s new tournament game.He wrote:But this “extensibility” doesn’t seem to be happening – at…

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