Cosmos Will Have 3 Coding Languages. Here’s Why That Matters for Ethereum

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In a move that could compromise ethereum’s long-held dominance as the world’s top platform for smart-contract development, blockchain interoperability project Cosmos will offer users the choice to code in at least three different programming languages.The first language to be supported on Cosmos is called Ethermint, a direct replica of ethereum’s smart contract language Solidity. Aimed at making it easier for ethereum developers to port their applications to the Cosmos network, the Ethermint project has been in the works since as early as 2016, said Zaki Manian of Tendermint, the company that built Cosmos.The second coding language, called Secure EcmaScript (SES), is a version of JavaScript built for secure smart contract deployment by blockchain startup Agoric. Once the native Cosmos Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol is fleshed out, the Agoric blockchain and its SES programming language will be easily accessible to Cosmos users, said Agoric CEO Dean Tribble.Last but not least, JP…

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