BlackRock Staffers Depart to Start Blockchain Investment Fund

The steady drumbeat of departures from traditional finance to the blockchain industry continues. On Wednesday, Financial News reported that three members of BlackRock's institutional clients team in London have jumped ship in order to launch their own fund, Eterna Capital. The fund will focus exclusively on blockchain-based solutions and derive its inspiration from the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Eterna aims to raise €20 million and will be led by Andrea Bonaceto, who founded HiredGrad in 2014 after earning a finance degree at Imperial College London. The other three founding partners all come from BlackRock: Nassim Olive will serve as chief economist and COO, Asim Ahmad as head of portfolio management, and Mattia Mrvosevic as head of research. Ahmad explained the decision to leave BlackRock and start a blockchain-focused fund in an interview on Skype, telling CoinDesk: "BlackRock, they pay well, it's a great place to learn ... [but] the opportunity…

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