AWS Backs $100,000 Competition to ‘Change the Face of Blockchain’

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If you can understand the above, you could be in for a portion of a $100,000 prize – that is, you can then beat the others attempting to calculate the answer with the greatest speed improvement.The highly technical conundrum has been posed to coders in a competition supported by by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that aims to “change the face of blockchain,” as well as how hardware is designed and made.Launched by the VDF Alliance, the competition aims to solve how to calculate the verifiable delay function (VDF) in the shortest time.In its announcement, AWS paraphrases Justin Drake, a researcher with the Ethereum Foundation, explaining that “VDFs are a low-level building block in cryptography, barely more than a year old. It’s the “V” or ‘verifiable’ in VDF that makes the approach so unique.”“It’s trustless,” according to Drake. “For the first time, it adds this notion of time with which you…

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