Amberdata Discovers ‘RPC Call’ Bug in Parity Ethereum Client

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A code vulnerability that could have forced computer shutdowns was found on Tuesday in the second most popular ethereum client.Parity connects over 3,000 computer servers around the globe to the ethereum blockchain network.On Thursday, Parity Technologies, the startup responsible for building and maintaining the ethereum client, released updated code to fix the bug.Only a small subset of Parity servers were vulnerable to crashing, according to Scott Bigelow, the VP of engineering at blockchain analytics startup Amberdata. Amberdata first discovered the vulnerability and disclosed it to the Parity Technologies team.“There was a vulnerability that [if exploited] would cause an immediate crash of the Parity client for all its services,” said Bigelow. “There is no possibility to steal funds or do other malicious things but you could shut down some portion of ethereum nodes.”In a blog post published Thursday, Parity Technologies wrote:A remote procedure call, or RPC, is a protocol for requesting…

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