Aion Is Launching a ‘Token Bridge’ to Connect Blockchains

Aion's token may have grown up on the ethereum blockchain, but it's moving out. The Aion network has been built to foster interoperability across blockchains. One of the key tools to this functionality is the network's "token bridge," which is designed to allow tokens to move between chains. The first token bridge will work between the Aion network and ethereum, on which its token currently operates. Rather than using a smart contract to hold copies of tokens, as pairs of networks like Kik's new chain and ethereum will do, Nuco has proposed actually destroying tokens as they move - put simply, so there really is only one token at a time. According to Matt Spoke, CEO of Nuco - the company founded by Deloitte alums that's behind Aion - the bridge then "issues an AION [token] on the other side." "It's a micro-network, it's a collection of nodes that's decentralized,…

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