Klarna’s CEO is ‘deeply worried’ about tweets promoting bitcoin and thinks regulators should step in

LONDON — The boss of European fintech giant Klarna says he's "deeply worried" about posts promoting bitcoin on Twitter and thinks regulators should act to protect people from potential losses.Sebastian Siemiatkowski told CNBC that, though he thinks bitcoin could be an "interesting technology," he fears retail investors may get drawn in by tweets urging people to buy the cryptocurrency without thinking about the risks involved."If I go on Twitter and search for bitcoin, I can see people writing: 'Buy now or you're going to miss the biggest opportunity of your life,'" Siemiatkowski said in an interview Wednesday."If I would take Klarna stock and advertise it with similar writing I would get a fine or I would even be put to jail," he added. "I am very surprised why regulators aren't chasing these elements."Bitcoin has been on a wild ride lately. It's surged more than 400% in the last 12 months,…

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