Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies attempt comeback — How Wall Street sees it playing out

Bitcoin rose 8% on Monday as the cryptocurrency attempted to recover from last week's sell-off.Here's where investors see cryptocurrencies headed in the future.Kourtney Gibson, president of Loop Capital, tells how she's gaining exposure to the crypto space."When we saw … Coinbase dip down to around $284, I jumped in that name just to play on the crypto play. I mean, bitcoin dropping before $50,000 — now I'm not an investor in Bitcoin, but I do like the exchanges, and I like the ability to participate in the Coinbase growth, so when that dropped down to around $284 last week I did get it."Meltem Demirors, chief strategy officer at Coinshares, sees a rotation within the crypto world."The Coinbase listing really was, for all intents and purposes, crypto's big coming-out party. And so a lot of that leverage is still working its way through the system. There was a lot of momentum…

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