What Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Means for Amazon Investors

As CCN has reported, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos are officially divorcing. Whether or not the divorce is the result of a months-long affair with Lauren Sanchez has not been confirmed. What we do know is that unless they change their minds, Amazon shareholders have cause for concern. MacKenzie Bezos Likely to Have Restrictions on AMZN Holdings Several analysts had predicted a bullish 2019 for Amazon, with price targets indicating gains as high as 20 percent. Will that change now that the CEO’s personal troubles have come to light? According to Business Insider, the assets will most likely be structured in a way that prevents immediate dumping from MacKenzie. Washington State, where they will likely file the divorce, doesn’t strictly require that MacKenzie will get half of Jeff’s assets. Nevertheless, any reasonably good divorce attorney can ensure she gets enough to matter. Legal experts told Business Insider that the structure of…

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