What Caused Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash to Plunge 15% in Less Than 4 Hours?

In the last 4 hours, $9 billion were wiped out of the crypto market as Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash recorded a 14 percent drop respectively against the U.S. dollar. The Bitcoin price dropped to $3,750, back to last week’s levels following a promising corrective rally on January 6 when BTC increased from $3,753 to $4,090. Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash Remain as Worst Performers on the Day Throughout the past two weeks, the Ethereum price nearly doubled from $85 to $160 in anticipation of the scheduled Constantinople hard fork that is set to be executed between January 14 to 18. The volume of Ethereum spiked as the trading activity of the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the global market surged on ever major digital asset exchange. However, large short-term gains leave assets vulnerable to large short-term corrections and in the last several hours, the price of ETH dropped by 14.9 percent…

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