This Ethereum Developer Wants to Let You Pay Gas Fees with Tokens

Bhaskar Sharma, writing in Medium, has proposed a case for a more user-friendly token in ethereum that will support the adoption of decentralized applications (DApps) by allowing users to pay transactions fees using tokens rather than ether. Fees in the ethereum blockchain — which are needed to pay miners for placing transactions into blocks and securing the blockchain — create friction for new users, Sharma noted. Users have to recognize how Ethereum works to understand the gas price and cost. They also need to acquire the necessary ether to pay for both of these. Such fees create unnecessary hurdles for adopting DApps with internal tokens, reducing their ability to build out a large user base even as they attract significant mainstream attention. If the process could be abstracted so users could use the DApp without being about the underlying ethereum network, these hurdles would be removed. ERC865 addresses these issues…

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