This Dow Stock Is Shockingly the Index’s Biggest Winner

boeing stock

President Trump’s trade war tactics appear to have backfired, as evidenced by the spiraling performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. While most Dow components are trading in the red, there are some winners, and an unlikely hero is leading the charge. Boeing (BA), which is under fire for the fallout related to its 737 MAX planes, is managing to rise above the fray, adding more than 1 percent and outperforming all 29 of its index peers. Other Dow gainers include McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Walmart though none of them is particularly killing it.So why are investors rewarding Boeing considering that the company is mired in controversy and at risk of losing even more customers to its chief rival Airbus? The aerospace giant is making progress on the changes to its MAX planes, and it’s precisely what the market wanted to hear. Boeing’s 737 MAX is the model that was involved…

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