Stock Market Investors Should HODL Because Pros Can’t Beat S&P 500

SP 500 ss 1

The phrase “beating the market” can be defined as earning returns that outperform the gains of a particular benchmark or index such as the S&P 500 Index. Fund managers are supposed to be experts in timing the market. They’re also supposed to have strategies in place to generate profits under any market condition. More importantly, many fund managers enjoy the support of a team of financial experts who can provide valuable insights as well as the latest research.On paper, fund managers are supposed to consistently outperform the market because they have certain skills, strategies, and resources. These qualities put them way ahead of retail investors who rely on basic technical or fundamental analysis. However, studies reveal that most fund managers can’t even beat the market.Fund managers generally charge two types of fees for investing their clients’ money. The first type is the total assets under management fee or an annual…

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