Morgan Stanley: Stock Market Vulnerable, Sentiment ‘Extremely Bearish’

Earlier this week, Morgan Stanley strategist Mike Wilson said on CNBC Fast Money that the stock market is still vulnerable to a short-term drop. Although the stock market has shown extreme levels of bearish sentiment and an intense sell-off throughout December 2018 that may be a signal for the establishment of a bottom, Wilson said that fundamentals are still missing from the market. When Will the Stock Market Bottom? According to Wilson, the fundamentals of the market remain messy and Wall Street is concerned about the performance of the market. He said: Valuation, we met our goal. We also met our goal in terms of sentiment and position, it’s really bearish, extremely bearish. It’s as bearish as we’ve seen. What we don’t have yet is the fundamental picture is still messy. All the things we’ve been worried about, the market’s been worried about all year are now starting to come…

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