Judge Forces Bitcoin Basher Jordan Belfort to Pay More Restitution to Victims He Scammed

Jordan Belfort, best known as the “Wolf of Wall Street” portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio, has only paid $12.5 million of the $110 million he was originally ordered to repay victims of his penny stock pumping scheme. Although he served out his years-long prison sentence, he will not have fully repaid his debt to society until investors are all made whole. Nearly twenty years on, that has yet to happen. While he hasn’t made time to earn the money to repay the victims, Belfort has had plenty of time for bashing Bitcoin and ICOs. Had he invested $1 million or even a few hundred thousand back in 2011 or 2012, he’d have far more than enough to repay the investors and start any kind of venture he could dream up. Instead, he’s deeply in arrears — more than 80% left to pay — and now a judge has decided to garnish…

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