Google Searches Show that America Has a Robust Economy, Research Says

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A study by DataTrek Research compared the evolution of specific searches on Google associated with periods of stagnation and economic recession, concluding that North Americans manifest behaviors typical of a robust economy.Google searches associated with negative terms have been declining during the last years. DataTrek explains that they only used data from 2004 to 2019 for the research.A solid economy is generally associated with good working conditions and good quality of life.According to DataTrek, leisure-related terms such as TV, YouTube, and Netflix reached historical peaks at the end of the last decade.Since 2010 the trend stabilized. But this can be explained by the rising number of smartphones, smart TVs and other inventions that make it unnecessary to search for such terms.The study also concluded that Americans do not fear an economic crisis. Searches on Google for the term “Coupon” have steadily declined since 2012. Before this, it was continually rising,…

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