Following $5 Billion Crypto Drop, Traders See Weakness in Bitcoin

On January 13, the crypto market initiated an intense sell-off as the Bitcoin price fell below the $3,500 mark. The weakness in the short-term price trend of BTC led the market to demonstrate volatility on the downside. More than $5 billion was wiped out of the crypto market and major assets like Ethereum recorded a six percent drop. Where is Bitcoin Headed? Generally, both analysts and traders expect Bitcoin to fall to the low $3,000 region in the days to come. Some have suggested that a strong buy wall below the $3,000 mark may allow the dominant cryptocurrency to recover, implying that a 10 percent fall remains a possibility. Bitcoin Price Could Fall Toward $3,000 In the short-term, Cred, a cryptocurrency technical analyst, said that BTC could test the $3,430 support level first. Depending on the movement of the asset at $3,430, the asset could initiate a corrective rally or…

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