Elon Musk Tries to Trick Tesla Owner, Fails Hilariously

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The very best con artists can convince people that the moon is made of green cheese and that the sky is the ocean. Or, in the case of Elon Musk, he’ll try to convince people that a Tesla will defy the laws of the free market and actually appreciate in value over time.Such was the case in a Twitter exchange Elon Musk had with Quinn Nelson, a Tesla owner. Quinn was complaining that the $74,000 car that he had purchased a few months ago could now be bought for almost 20% less, thanks to the price cuts that Elon Musk had instituted.Yet Elon Musk insists that a Tesla with a full self-driving package will appreciate in value, apparently because it’s utility will be increased by a factor of five.He claims that full self-driving Tesla vehicles will be able to generate revenue for their owners. They will basically become robot taxis…

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