Elon Musk Brags About SpaceX Going to Mars. Let’s Send Him First

elon musk afp

It isn’t clear yet if Elon Musk simply doesn’t have a filter and says the first thing that comes to his mind or if everything he says is a carefully designed smoke grenade to attract attention away from the 15 ongoing fires that he keeps having to put out.Case in point: in an interview with CBS News, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk not only said that we could land an unmanned vehicle on the moon in two years but also that we will be able to send people to Mars in four years.It should also be mentioned that he proceeded his comment by saying:As if Elon Musk ever needs to precede anything he says with that phrase.Let’s just review a few failures regarding SpaceX, and these are just through part of 2016 from inception.Meanwhile, SpaceX’s Starhopper – a small-scale spacecraft – blew up during a test just this past…

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