Did Google Blacklist Ethereum Ads? Crypto Firms Report Issues

Earlier this week, an Ethereum startup in Serbia discovered that its advertisements on Google were not being shown in certain regions. As the company investigated the case further, it found out that the keyword “Ethereum” has been completely banned on Google Ads and is not served to users on the platform. Why are Companies Having Trouble With Ethereum Google Ads? Throughout the past three days, the startup attempted to contact Google to receive clarification on the removal of Ethereum-related advertisements. On January 12, a representative of the startup said that Google did not respond to the firm and wrote: We’ve been using Google Ads for the past 6 months to help us get more visibility for our smart contract auditing services and we’ve noticed a strange change in the last few days. It seems that Google completely blacklisted Ethereum as a keyword. Any of the keywords that contain ‘ethereum’ in…

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