China & India are Surpassing US’ Economy By 2030

The United States will fall to a third place in the ranking of the largest economies in the world. China and India will overtake the U.S. by 2030, and it is unlikely that we will ever get the throne back. UK based financial services giant Standard Chartered Plc. predicted in its annual ranking of the largest economies in the world. In the next decade, China will solidify its place as the largest economy in the world. They expect India will surpass the United States within the same period, as the analysis forecasts that the South Asian country will move up to second place. Indexes Measured In a note, Standard Chartered Economists, under the leadership of David Mann (Chief Economist of Standard Chartered in Asia) said: Our long-term growth forecasts are underpinned by one key principle: countries’ share of world GDP should eventually converge with their share of the world’s population,…

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