Bitcoin’s Continued Weakness Gives Slumping TRON Room to Bounce

bitcoin tron ss

TRON has been recently in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. First, we hear news of police raiding TRON’s offices in Beijing on accusations that the TRON Foundation is running a scam.While the rumor was quickly addressed by the blockchain company citing that the police presence was for crowd dispersion, the events put the cryptocurrency in the negative light. Consequently, TRON significantly plunged against bitcoin.As if the crypto token’s woes were not enough, TRON’s chief executive Justin Sun recently fanned the flames by canceling his $4.6 million lunch appointment with Warren Buffett. This fueled theories that the cryptocurrency’s top honcho is being detained by Chinese officials over accusations of illegal fundraising and money laundering.With all the bad publicity, the only consolation for the crypto token is that bitcoin is starting to lose momentum. This weakness may give TRON the breathing room to recoup some of its losses against the…

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