Bitcoin Price Will Tank Below $3,000, Says Trader Who Predicts Mass Sell-Off

The bitcoin price will crater below $3,000 amid a mass sell-off. That’s what futures trader Anthony Grisanti predicts about the ongoing Crypto Winter. “I’m looking for a move down to $3,000, which would represent a real weakness in this market,” Grisanti told CNBC. “It could be the driver that gets people to bail out of this and push it even lower.” Trader: ‘People are Liquidating Their Positions’ Grisanti is a CNBC analyst who previously traded energy futures at Bear Stearns. Like other crypto bears, Grisanti believes it’s only a matter of time before bitcoin collapses. He attributed the recent price volatility to investors selling off their bitcoin holdings as they head for the exits. “Every time this market does run, people are liquidating their positions,” Grisanti says. Whether or not they’re liquidating outright or the futures, they are liquidating. So I’m looking to sell this. At $3,800 is where I…

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