AT&T Crypto SIM Hijacking Victims Fight Back to Heap Pressure on Telecom Giants

After losing cryptocurrencies worth millions of dollars to SIM hijackers, a tech entrepreneur and other victims have launched an initiative aimed at raising awareness and pushing telcos into protecting subscribers, Motherboard reports. According to Robert Ross, who lost approximately US$1 million when fraudsters took control of his phone number and managed to gain access to his accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges, the problem is becoming rampant: This is a major problem that’s growing fast. I really believe this is being enabled by the carriers. The initiative dubbed ‘Stop SIM Crime’ will not only raise awareness on the issue but will also offer victims educational resources besides pressuring cell phone carriers into taking more concrete steps to stop SIM-hijackers. Educational Material Prior to the incident that cost him more than US$1 million worth of cryptocurrencies, Ross had not heard of SIM swapping or hijacking and there was also very little information about…

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