Nearly 60,000 people have already signed up for an international scavenger hunt for a $1 million bitcoin prize

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Disney Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors have launched a global scavenger hunt called Satoshi’s Treasure with a prize of $US1 million worth of bitcoin. Clues are being released periodically on the game’s website to give people hints on where to find the hundreds of key fragments used to gain access to the bitcoin grand prize. Nearly 60,000 people have signed up to receive updates and clues about the scavenger hunt, the game’s co-creator told CoinDesk. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories. Thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are taking part in an international scavenger hunt to find clues that promise to lead the winners to a prize of $US1 million in bitcoin. It’s called Satoshi’s Treasure, and it’s a game that’s part logic puzzle and part scavenger hunt, with clues found in both the digital and physical worlds. Each clue will reveal a fragment of the digital key used to access the…

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