Whipsawed Bitcoin Investors Eye Coinbase as Steadier Crypto Bet

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For many investors, Coinbase Global Inc.’s trading debut next week will be an entry into the $2 trillion cryptocurrency market.And for those who have already gorged on Bitcoin, the arrival of the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange on the Nasdaq Stock Market could be what is needed to settle portfolios roiled by the asset class’s notorious volatility.There are other stocks already tied to the bits and bytes of the various blockchains. Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc. and Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy Inc. have both notably added billions worth of Bitcoin to their treasuries. But with Coinbase’s public listing, investors will have the choice of an equity tied to cryptocurrencies that is -- so the hope goes -- less likely to suffer persistent cycles of boom and bust.“For a crypto investor that also buys stocks, it has the ability to diversify risks as there is a very profitable exchange platform that trades on another…

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