Research Firm Charts Unspent BTC and Calls a Market Bottom in Q1 2019

“How many unspent bitcoins exist?”“How many bitcoins have been lost?”“How many bitcoins are left sitting in wallets, and how does this affect price?”If any (or all) of these questions have ever popped into your head, you’re in good company: They’ve crossed the minds of analysts at Delphi Digital, the self-named “research & consulting boutique specializing in the digital asset market.”The firm just released research on the current state of the bitcoin market, and they believe they’ve forecasted a potential bottom for its declining prices (FYI, they think it’s coming sometime in Q1 of 2019, but more on that later). Delphi Digital gave us an early peek at the report before announcing it on social media January 10.This report isn’t your typical, shot-in-the-dark price signal from an old bull, Twitter trader or crypto entrepreneur. They didn’t use the usual magic tricks of technical analysis or rehash arguments of fundamental value. They’re…

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