Op Ed: CCID’s Crypto Rankings Are Pointless (and They’re Not Official)

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But what isn’t an opinion is the fact that the Chinese government had nothing to do with these ratings, despite the popular perception that it does.The government doesn’t sponsor the rankings, it doesn’t endorse them and it sure as hell doesn’t make them. You have to understand this in order to rationalize the congratulatory and reinforced cognitive bias that TRON, NEO and EOS bagholders must feel when these ratings come out.The latest iteration of CCID’s “Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index” ranks EOS as the number one project, followed by TRON, Ethereum and BitShares. Bitcoin comes in at number 15.“Hallelujah! The Chinese government says my bags are as good as gold! Justin Sun really is the messiah!” To the moon. Epic lambo time. Real millionaire hours. The sentiment and response to these rankings is generally something along these lines (think I’m making this up? Just check Twitter).Why the Chinese government’s…

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