CoolWallet S Review: An ‘Everyday’ Wallet for Crypto?

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The CoolWallet S, made by CoolBit X, combines hot and cold storage solutions, blending the mobility afforded by software wallets with the enhanced security features offered by hardware wallets. Branded as the “everyday wallet” for crypto users, the CoolWallet S is designed to be used on-the-go, allowing its users to track their investments, send and receive assets and instantly exchange currencies through Bluetooth-enabled, dual-device technology.The CoolWallet S retails at around $99. Unlike other hardware wallets on the market, its sleek design boasts not only the exact dimensions of a credit card, but also the durability of one. It claims to be waterproof, flexible and temperature resistant, as well as tamperproof.It offers a rechargeable battery that should last about a month and something called “2+1-factor authentication” — access through two devices plus biometric identification. Users can pair up to three devices with the wallet through an extra-secure Bluetooth connection.The CoolWallet S…

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