XRP is About to See Massive Volatility; Will It Favor Bears?

XRP 980x511

XRP has been consolidating alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum throughout the past week This has caused it to hover around $0.30 throughout the past several days Although this level was previously strong support, the buying pressure here is showing some signs of degrading as XRP dips below it It may now be prone to seeing further downside as a result of this One analyst is pointing to the formation of a massive pennant as a sign that volatility is imminent for XRP Some factors suggest bulls will be in control of the next big movement XRP – like most other major digital assets – has been caught within a bout of sideways trading throughout the past couple of weeks. This comes as investors begin shifting their interest away from major tokens and towards small and mid-cap altcoins, which have been offering massive returns in recent days. As a result of this,…

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