XRP Forms Crushing Textbook Reversal Sign After 30% Explosion

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XRP has seen an extremely strong rally over the past few days, outperforming Bitcoin and even Ethereum on some days. Since July 22nd, the asset has gained in excess of 50%, reaching highs not seen since the February blow-off top. Some analysts see this price action as a precursor to a macro bull run for XRP. While this may be true, the leading altcoin is printing some signs that it will reverse for a few days or weeks, then potentially it may head higher. XRP Could Soon See Reversal: TD Sequential XRP has been on a near-unstoppable rally over the past two weeks. Even during last weekend’s flash crash, during which Ethereum crumpled by 26% in the span of five minutes, XRP was largely unfazed: it bounced back to multi-month highs just hours after the crash. Yet there is a textbook indicator printing a sell signal. XRP is forming a…

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