XRP Army Can’t Decide If It Needs A Dump Or Not

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XRP fans have started a satirical petition calling for Ripple to increase its ‘dumping’ of XRP. Mocking the language of Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, they urge Ripple to ‘Unleash the Utility!’. This follows a less ‘tongue-in-cheek’ petition earlier this week aimed at preventing Ripple dumping billions of XRP and crashing price. A Groundswell Of Cynicism Yesterday, a Twitter user called BD Iradji suggested that he would ‘start a petition for Ripple to use more XRP’. Use the shit out of it… Invest in more companies. Acquire board seats… Give to more colleges… Free those XRP! As luck would have it, a user called Jungle Inc was already a few steps ahead, and linked to just such a petition they had already set up on change.org. “Ripple Must Increase the ‘Dumping’ of XRP,” it proclaimed. “This is a race towards mass adoption… This great asset does us no good sitting in…

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