“Wonderful” Shark Tank Investor Shifts Portion of Portfolio To Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Although Bitcoin couldn’t hold above the $1 trillion market cap for very long, doing so in the first place might have been a turning point for even the most skeptical investors. It has even caused one Shark Tank investor to change his tune, shifting a portion of his portfolio into the highly volatile asset. Here’s how else the cryptocurrency asset class has been able to turn other high-wealth investors from naysayers into believers. ABC’s Shark Tank Investor Kevin O’Leary Allocates 3% Into Bitcoin And Ethereum Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are extremely volatile compared to traditional asset counterparts. That volatility has kept Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary from making a bid on the asset class for years, aside from a small purchase he made on Coinbase in 2017. Over the last few years, the affectionally-dubbed “Mr. Wonderful” has appeared on CNBC blasting the asset class as “garbage,” but he’s now…

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