Will the Stock Market “Cobra Effect” Economists Warn Of Also Strike Bitcoin?

A Wall Street veteran is warning the “biggest cobra effect in the history of economics” is about to hit the stock market. And it could have a dramatic impact on Bitcoin and the rest of crypto. But what exactly is the “cobra effect” and in what ways will this impact the cryptocurrency market? Cobra Effect Could Crush The Stock Market, Wall Street Vet Warns Larry McDonald is a Wall Street veteran, CNBC contributor, and New York Times bestselling author. He sold his startup to Morgan Stanley, then later joined Lehman Brothers, where he generated nearly $100 million in revenue. He was among the first financial analysts to warn of the sub-prime mortgage crisis that kicked off the Great Recession. It was this moment in history that sparked the creation of Bitcoin. RELATED READING | HOW THE STOCK MARKET’S GREAT ROTATION RESEMBLES BITCOIN AND ALTCOIN RELATIONSHIP McDonald is now back with…

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