Will Microsoft’s Ethereum Token Onramp Make ETH Prices Surge?

6th November 2 640x400

There has been a lot of FUD around Ethereum lately and this is largely due to a very sluggish market in terms of price action. In terms of technology and adoption though progress is still being made and a massive endorsement from Microsoft may help that undervalued price move again. Ethereum Token Creation Platform It was reported this week that software giant Microsoft has created a platform for self-issuance of Ethereum based tokens. Forbes, which has been known for its fair share of FUD and misreporting when it comes to crypto, reported that Azure Blockchain Tokens went live for preview and testing. The platform is aimed at enterprises and a few have already started minting their own tokens. At the moment users will have access to a permissioned version of the Ethereum blockchain that uses the firm’s Azure cloud computing to reach a consensus on transactions. However, in the future…

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