Will Blockchain and Crypto Be Used Against Us After Covid-19 Clears?

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More than a decade ago, Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled an intelligent virtual money system based on blockchain, which could be adopted globally without the fear of government or corporate control, except the very unlikely 51% attack threat. However, what if the very same technology created to save us will actually be used against us? Governments Start to Like Surveillance Systems The COVID pandemic has created a precedent when governments around the world implement the most draconian measures to lock down entire industries and keep people at home. Some governments even use high-tech surveillance systems to track citizens. China, the country where the new coronavirus started, has already deployed massive tracking systems even before the pandemic. Last year, Bitcoinist reported on China’s social credit system, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a huge network of surveillance cameras with facial recognition to police citizens. People are getting a score for their behavior, which…

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