Will Bitcoin Suffer or Soar at the Sting of the Stock Market “Coiling”?

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Bitcoin is possibly on the brink of a new bull run, yet a sudden and unshakable correlation with the stock market keeps getting in the way. With a potentially rocky Presidential election ahead and the pandemic still a critical factor, analysts say the stock market is “coiling,” ready to release pent up energy in one direction or the other. The longer this sort of coiling continues for will result in an increasingly powerful move. If the stock market falls yet again, will Bitcoin suffer the sting of this coiling effect? Or is time for both markets to scream higher? Stock Market Correlation Takes a Bite at Bitcoin in Early 2020 The stock market and cryptocurrencies are in very different stages of their market cycles at the moment. Stocks are potentially topping out after a more than 90-year secular bull market, while the fast-paced crypto market is just thawing out of…

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